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Does FenceWeek run press releases and commentary?
FenceWeek is an industry e-newsletter that reaches fencing and access control professionals on a weekly basis. If you have news that you would like the industry to know about, just e-mail it along. Also, if you have something to say that is of interest, write it up.

We will soon be starting a blog where we will explore some of the stories in the newsletter in a little more depth. In these blogs there will always be an opportunity to comment on what is said. Also, soon, we will be starting a contractors' forum, where contractors could comment on each others comments, and carry on "conversation." A contractor with a question could end up with ten answers from other contractors!

All these services are free, of course.

How do I submit news?
We prefer to run the first few lines of the release in our newsletter, and then link it back to your web page. That way, you have more visitors to your web site, and readers can get more information on your products and people. The easiest way to do that is to host it on your website and e-mail it, or e-mail a link, to us. If hosting press releases on your web site is something you don't do, we can help by hosting it on our web site, but then, you don't have the benefits of people visiting your site. Just e-mail the whole release to us.

What type of news?
New products, new people, new promotions, new distributors, new organizations, are all appropriate. Announcing a sale is most likely inappropriate. Our criteria is "will other contractors be interested?" but FenceWeek reserves the right to have the final decision on what we put in the newsletter.

How do I submit commentary?
Do you have something to say on something that effects or interests the industry? Just e-mail it along. Again, FenceWeek reserves the right to have the final say on what goes into the newsletter.

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