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What is it?
FenceWeek, a new email newsletter, is emailed every Tuesday with news, trends, facts, stories, and other information about the Fencing and Access Control industries compiled from media around the world. Sections in the newsletter contain company news releases, local news of fencing stories, buzz, goofs and agonies, surveys, contractor marketing advice, local regulations, international stories, humor, opportunities for contractor and supplier feedback, and who knows what else!

There is a lot more news of fencing out there than people realize. The original idea for FenceWeek came from contractors who told us they clipped newspaper articles about fencing and brought them to the office, so that others could see what was happening. Thatís what FenceWeek will do every week, and much, much more than a clip or two.

How much?
FenceWeek, like Fencebids, is free! It is supported by advertising and sponsorships. If you would like information on becoming a sponsor, click on the "sponsoring" link above.

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