Pricing Survey - November 15, 2005

We have been asked many times if there was any way to find out how prices vary in different parts of the country. There are, of course, many factors that going into pricing a job, but one, and often the biggest, factor is what the market will bear. And the markets are different in different parts of the country. So... we have decided to start an on-going feature - a pricing survey - for different jobs in different parts of the country. But we need your help.

Here is how it's going to work: we will put up a real job which has been bid and won in one part of the country. And we ask YOU how much you would have bid for the same job in YOUR part of the country. (If you have a particular job of your own you want comparison-bid please let us know). We ask you to take a little time and consider it a real bid. Assume no travel time or special circumstances, and please price fairly. We will not reveal your name or even your exact location. Please indicate price, and your location, and specify if your location is urban, suburban or rural.

Email your response to me at:

Here is the November 15th job out for bid: