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BD Loops
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October 23, 2015

Contact: Brian Dickson
BD Loops
Phone (714) 890-1604

Service Spring Corp hosted Brian and Shawna Dickson of BD Loops for back to back presentations of BD Loops’ “Everything You Need to Know about Loops"

September 16th, 2015 Maumee, OH – Service Spring Corp hosted Brian and Shawna Dickson of BD Loops for back to back presentations of BD Loops’ “Everything You Need to Know about Loops" seminar.

Everything You Need to Know About Loops" is an in depth seminar that covers everything from basic loop functions, layout instructions, how loops work, to advanced topics such as loop phasing, advanced installation tricks and techniques, troubleshooting, and more. The scope of topics covered makes the seminar ideal for beginner and advanced installers alike as well as tech support personnel.

“Everything You Need to Know about Loops” equips technicians with the knowledge required to install successful loop systems. The seminar teaches installers what to look out for and guard against in their installations so that they can design and install reliable systems.

BD Loops and Service Spring Corp pride themselves on their commitment to educating and improving the gate and door industry. Brian Dickson of BD Loops explained the benefits of their Loop seminar, “We feel our loop class has saved both installers and tech support staff a lot of time and money when installing and troubleshooting loop systems. For a short two hour investment of their time they are learning everything they need to know about loop systems from the loop experts. Students walking away from our class feel more confident installing and selling loop systems. Most importantly we make sure all of their questions are answered and they are able to build a relationship with a manufacturer that will always be there to help. Learning how to properly install loops and how to quickly diagnose loop systems can potentially save installers thousands of dollars in material and labor costs. Loops shouldn’t be the cause of your headaches, and we do our best to educate installers with that in mind.”

Brian Dickson has been teaching “Everything You Need to Know about Loops” for over 8 years. He is an IDEA sanctioned trainer and anytime spent in the class counts towards the required CEU's required to obtain or hold certification with the IDEA.

Service Spring Corp (SSC) is a leading manufacturer of springs and supplier of replacement hardware for the garage door industry. www.servicespring.com

BD Loopsis a manufacturer of preformed direct burial and saw-cut inductance loops for the gate, door, and parking industries. With over 14 years in business the quality of BD Loops is unparalleled. BD Loops products are available through over 350 distributors in the U.S. and Canada. BD Loops offers 46 standard preformed loop sizes, all standard and custom loop sizes are ready to be shipped the same day. Visit www.bdloops.com to learn more about the products BD Loops has to offer.