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BD Loops
    5362 Bolsa Ave Unit C   Huntington Beach, CA 92649  Phone (714) 890-1604  Fax: (714) 890-1603

February 29, 2016

Contact: Brian Dickson
BD Loops
Phone (714) 890-1604

BD Loops is on the Installer’s Side

BD Loops is rebranding to show their dedication to creating products and offering services and information that is beneficial to the installer.

BD Loops new slogan – We’re on the Installer’s Side more accurately embodies the ideals and mission of BD Loops, which is to develop and offer reliable products that will save installers time, money, and materials.

Besides offering high quality and reliable products, BD Loops has proven to be on the installer’s side when it comes to service and education. BD Loops has 24 hour tech support so you can get the answers you need when you need them most. BD Loops also maintains their website and keeps it up to date with the latest installation instructions, installation tips and tricks, education articles, tests and results, and more.

For the past 7 years BD Loops has been the driving force behind dispelling myths surrounding inductance loops in the door and gate industry. BD Loops has been working with multiple industry associations and manufacturers to help improve the quality inductance loop education available to installers. Many industry myths and common practices taught to installers make installing loops much more difficult than it should be. To see common industry myths that BD Loops has dispelled visit BDLoops.com and view our article “Myths and Facts about Saw-Cut Loops”.

BD Loops is always exploring methods to make loop installations quicker, easier, and more profitable through tools and advanced installation techniques. BD Loops offers a full line of loop installation tools and testing devices that save installers time and money when out on the field. Our monthly installer newsletter features time saving tips, tricks, and educational articles. To see how you can save time and money with installing loops visit BDLoops.com and view our educational article “Top 10 Saw-Cut Loop Time Saving Tips and Tricks”.

About BD Loops

BD Loops is a manufacturer of preformed direct burial and saw-cut inductance loops for the gate, door, and parking industries. With over 14 years in business the quality of BD Loops is unparalleled. BD Loops products are available through over 400 distributors in the U.S. and Canada. BD Loops offers 46 standard preformed loop sizes, all standard and custom loop sizes are ready to be shipped the same day. The company has several letters of recommendation testifying their professionalism and design, and is a member of the following associations: AFA, IDA, NAFCA, NOMMA, IPI, NPA, CODA, and IMSA. Feel free to call BD Loop's knowledgeable staff with any questions about loops or their applications. By visiting the BD Loops website (www.BDLoops.com) you are sure to learn something new whether if you are new to installing loops or a veteran installer. While you are at the BDLoops.com website sign up for our free informative monthly installer newsletter. Use our distributor locator to find a distributor near you.