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BD Loops
    5362 Bolsa Ave Unit C   Huntington Beach, CA 92649  Phone (714) 890-1604  Fax: (714) 890-1603

July 10, 2017

Contact: Brian Dickson
BD Loops
Phone (714) 890-1604

BD Loops Unveils Loop Talk Video Series

BD Loops announces their new Loop Talk YouTube video series. Check out the BD Loops YouTube channel to watch the very first episode of Loop Talk which dives into the importance of tinning and soldering loop lead-ins. Are you experiencing loop problems that could be fixed with this simple practice? The BD Loops YouTube channel has an assortment of educational videos all about loops designed to help you take your installation game to the next level. Watch the first episode of Loop Talk: https://youtu.be/O0GAQxvAo60

BD Loops is committed to providing relevant education and information about inductance loops that will help installers take the guess work out of designing and installing loop systems. Are industry common loop myths BDLoops.com has been updated with new articles and test results in the past few months that answer the most common tech support questions we are asked such as “Can loops be installed near power lines?”, “Can loops be installed with a electric snow melt system?”, and “How do I test a loop?”. BDLoops.com is the best source for information about inductance loops on the web, the Education & More section contains a wealth of educational articles, test results, and how-to guides.

About BD Loops

BD Loops is a manufacturer of preformed direct burial and saw-cut inductance loops for the gate, door, and parking industries. With over 15 years in business the quality of BD Loops is unparalleled. BD Loops products are available through over 400 distributors in the U.S. and Canada. BD Loops offers 46 standard preformed loop sizes, all standard and custom loop sizes are ready to be shipped the same day. The company has several letters of recommendation testifying their professionalism and design, and is a member of the following associations: AFA, IDA, NAFCA, NOMMA, IPI, CODA, and IMSA. Visit www.bdloops.com and use the distributor locator to find a distributor near you.