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D & D Technologies
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March 27, 2015


NEW MagnaLatch® ALERT - Worlds first and only integrated Safety gate latch and alarm

D&D Technologies has just introduced another industry first, MagnaLatch ALERT; the ultimate child and pool safety gate latch. MagnaLatch ALERT features an audible alarm and flashing LED lights. This advanced dual-alarm technology provides both visual and audible warnings if a gate is not safely latched. This world’s first integrated gate latch and alarm technology continues to make MagnaLatch the world’s safest gate latch.

MagnaLatch ALERT is different from any other product in the world in that its dual alarms will trigger if your gate is not fully and safely latched. “Even if your back is turned you will be warned that your gate is not securely latched,” says Jim Paterson, D&D’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Unlike proximity based sensor alarms, which tell you only if the gate frame has moved, MagnaLatch ALERT senses if the gate is physically latched, providing its intended safety. These features are crucially important to protecting children wherever safety is critical,” continued Paterson. MagnaLatch ALERT, available in both the top-pull and vertical-pull models, is the ideal safety & security solution for gates at swimming pools, home perimeters, child care facilities, schools, hotels, and resorts. It is also ideal for pet security gates.

In addition to dual electronic alarms, MagnaLatch ALERT also features a range of visual safety innovations including a visual lock indicator which shows at-a-glance whether the latch is locked or unlocked and alignment indicators to identify if the latch is in a precise vertical and horizontal alignment to overcome ground movement and gate sag. The MagnaLatch is fully adjustable to always ensure it is properly aligned and has the most intraday movement allowance in the industry.

Its new 6-pin security lock is re-keyable so you can match other locks around the property for added convenience. A single beep when gate is opened tells whenever someone enters or leaves your property and a parental bypass feature allows parents to pass through the gate without sounding the alarm. A new, more ergonomically shaped release knob makes the MagnaLatch easier to use yet more child resistant than ever. Supplied with the ALERT is a long-life lithium battery and detailed owner’s manual.

MagnaLatch ALERT has many patented industry firsts that D&D originated for the safety gate market. Features like the industry-leading magnetic triggering system, lost motion technology which ensures latching even if locked in the open position, and side-fixing legs for quick installation and added fixing strength. Only MagnaLatch comes with a sealed magnet to protect it from the elements as well as product traceability to provide you with the most reliable child safety gate latch in the world. “D&D invented the first magnetic gate latch and was the first to use ultra-strong engineering polymers, thus setting the industry standard for child safety gate latches, “continued Paterson.

Tested to 2 million cycles and 50% stronger than previous MagnaLatch models, MagnaLatch ALERT is manufactured and tested at D&D’s own facilities to meet rigid ISO 9001 standards. Quality is never outsourced. All D&D products are designed and rigorously tested to function in the most extreme climates. ALERT hosts advanced weather resistant features like improved drainage, new sloping features that channel water out, high collar under the lift knob prevents water entry, and the new protective shroud over the key helps prevent water entry into the lock cylinder.

For more information on MagnaLatch ALERT, or other D&D products, please visit the D&D Technologies web site at www.ddtechglobal.com, e-mail us at info@ddtechusa.com, or call toll-free at 1-800-716-0888 or (714) 677-1300.