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Danuser Machine Company, Inc.
500 E. 3rd St.   P.O. Box 368   Fulton, MO 65251   (573) 642-2246  

January 1, 2016


DANUSER INtimidator Tree/Post Puller Is Now Available To Purchase Nationwide

The DANUSER Intimidator Tree/Post Puller is now available to purchase nationwide. Read and watch below to see how you can use this innovative piece of machinery to reclaim your land.

* Take control of your land. Pull, saw, dig, and carry your toughest jobs.
*The Intimidator incorporates a tree/post puller, stump bucket, and rock picker all in one.
* Selective elimination with the ability to maneuver into tight locations and next to buildings or fences.
* Dig and cut roots using the replaceable excavator bucket teeth and vertical jaw saw teeth for large tree removal.
* The uniquely synchronized jaws, designed for less wear and tear on the vehicle, are actuated by a rear-mounted, fully protected 3-in. diameter cylinder.

Want to see the Intimidator in action?

Danuser Intimidator: Take Control of Your Land! (7:25) - https://youtu.be/BWuB2Owg1CE

Danuser Intimidator Removes Trees, Shrubs, & More! (2:30) - https://youtu.be/17- UUmyMsXA

Danuser Intimidator (5:06) - Playlist of all three videos: https://youtu.be/BWuB2Owg1CE?list=PLDZU8BtL3- Pj1D8poq_NzCNJI8jNiyZ-K

DANUSER Intimidator Tree/Post Puller

About Danuser

To give you a short history of Danuser Machine Company, I must start with my grandfather, Kasper Berry Danuser, who was a Swiss emigrant. One of ten children, he came to this country in 1880. He produced the first piece of farm equipment that carried the name "DANUSER" - a farm wagon built in the town of Readsville, Missouri, around 1905. In 1906, he moved his family to Auxvasse where my father, Henry, was born in 1908. The Danuser family moved to Fulton in 1910, and the original shop was located on our present plant site. In addition to the general repair work so common to shops of that time, he thrashed grain with steam power in the summertime and saw-milled in the off-season.