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DoorKing, Inc.
120 S. Glasgow Ave., Inglewood, CA 90301 / 800-826-7493 / FAX 310-641-1586 / www.doorking.com

May 10, 2015


DoorKing Introduces 4G LTE Cellular Telephone Entry Systems!

Inglewood, CA – DoorKing, Inc has introduced a new cellular add-on product for its full line of telephone entry and access control systems. The cellular service provides both voice and programming via your PC over the AT&T 4G LTE cellular network.

DoorKing’s cellular connection service provides not only voice communication for the entry system, but also uses the cellular network for all programming functions. Most other cellular telephone entry systems that claim they can program over the cellular network use text message functions for programming. The DKS system uses true machine to machine (M2M) language for programming.

This allows users to program their DKS entry systems just as they always have in the past. All they need is an internet connection and the DoorKing programming software, which is provided free with every system. Installation is greatly simplified because the need to run phone lines, Ethernet cables or other data wiring is completely eliminated. Just connect the cellular device to the DKS system and its up and running in not time. No more worrying about noisy phone lines or wiring distance limitations.

Richard Sedivy, DoorKing’s Director of Marketing, added, “This is really an evolution for telephone entry systems. Installers simply need to connect the entry system to the cellular box and they are up and running in no time. No trenching and no wires to pull through conduits. It also allows telephone entry systems to be installed at remote sites or where wiring distance limitations made it extremely difficult or impossible to provide service.” Another factor that makes the DKS system revolutionary is the M2M programming. Sedivy further stated that “most cellular telephone entry systems being advertised today use a series of text messages for programming names and telephone numbers. Our system is programmed right from your computer and includes all the parameters of the access control system. Up to 3000 names and phone numbers, card codes, entry codes, permission levels, security levels, elevator control, time zones, holiday schedules, etc. You can’t do that by sending text messages.” The DoorKing cellular service can be installed on older systems as well. With the major communication companies stating that the end-of-life for copper phone lines is 2020, the DKS cellular service can easily replace those copper phone lines.

For more information on the DoorKing cellular service, please visit www.doorking.com/cellular or call 800-826-7493. DoorKing, Inc. was established in 1948 and is one of the largest manufacturers of access control systems and automated gate systems in the U.S.

About DKS Doorking

DoorKing, Inc. is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of access control and vehicular gate operator products in the country. Visit the company web site at www.doorking.com, email us at info@doorking.com or call 800-826-7493.