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Locinox 460 Windy Point Drive Glendale Heights IL 60139 - 877-LOCINOX

May 7, 2018


SlimStone: the very strong, weather resistant and frost-free keypad

Locinox extends its product range of outdoor access control solutions with the brand-new SlimStone keypad. Emphasizing on quality, durability, ease of installation and an elegant design.

With the SlimStone keypad, Locinox is taking further steps in broadening its product range for the outdoor access control industry. As one of the trendsetting players in the fencing business, the strategy to develop a high quality keypad is actually a very logical one. .

Worry-free use

Quality is one of the most important focus points from Locinox. The company is renowned for high quality and good looking products. With the SlimStone keypad, this is no different. Locinox emphasises a worry-free installation for its customers; and a great and reliable end-user experience. Even after many years of use.

Even after many years of use. During the development process for new products, these aspects are repeatedly brought to the table in order to guarantee a peace of mind and create value for every link of the value chain.

The SlimStone is weatherproof; and they mean it! The 100% resin encapsulated housing is not only dustproof but also completely watertight, making this an IP68 rated product – the highest level of outdoor rating. In fact, before bringing this product to the market, Locinox has submerged the SlimStone for a period of 70 days, after which it was still working flawlessly.

Last but not least, the SlimStone has an integrated Smart Heating System allowing for a frost-free use, which is perfect for regions where it tends to get chilly during winters.

On top of the extensive water and salt spray tests, Locinox tested the stainless steel buttons for more than 2 million cycles. This would mean that you could use this keypad for over 342 years if you only used it 2 times a day; or for 68 years if you used it 20 times a day!

Superfast installation and configuration

The SlimStone keypad is very easy to install and configure. Just as for any of the latest innovations, Locinox developed some unique videos available at https://www.locinoxusa.com/videozone/. These will guide you through the step-by-step process of installation and configuration.

Vandal-proof yet elegant design

Locinox wasn’t only able to make a high quality and functional keypad, it also looks great! The SlimStone is made of a powder coated aluminium housing with a brushed stainless steel keypad and push buttons that have been lasered. Even after years of use, these buttons won’t show any wear or tear, providing extra security and comfort. Moreover, the adjustable integrated white LED-lights allow a safe and efficient operation at night time or in case of bad weather. On top of that, the energy use is kept very low – which is a plus on the energy bill.

The exterior textured lacquer of the cover is scratch proof; even after many years of use. Locinox can reassure this after a 1,000h salt spray test. The housing itself is vandal-proof as well, making sure no one unwanted will be able to enter your premises.

About Locinox

Locinox is an international trendsetting company developing and manufacturing fittings for fencing and gates. Our vision is to provide every high-quality fence gate with at least one Locinox element. Our expertise focuses on fittings for outdoor use. That niche market may not be big, but we want to be the international number one. At the moment we adopt a pioneering role which we would like to maintain and further expand. This is why we continue to invest in this market.