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Malco Products, Inc. - PO Box 400 - Annandale, MN 55302-0400

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Malco Products, Inc.
PO Box 400
Annandale, MN 55302-0400
Phone: 1-800-328-3530
Fax: 1-800-206-6760
E-mail: custsvcs@malcotools.com
Web: www.malcotools.com

February 25, 2011



Malco Products now offers a full line of circular saw blades specialized for vinyl-cutting applications. A versatile 7-1/4-inch (184 mm) blade is ideal for portable circular saws. The 186 tooth count makes clean cuts in vinyl siding, trim profiles and fences pickets and posts. A big 10-inch (254 mm) circular blade fits most power miters. This blade’s flat ground, neutral, no-hook-angle, 248-tooth configuration and nominal .073” (1.85 mm) thickness generates less waste and ensures a consistent ultra-smooth cut with less pull into the vinyl material. The larger diameter provides a deeper, more efficient blade path for fast cuts in wide siding panels and more accurate single pass cuts in large profile vinyl fence posts. A 12-inch (305 mm) circular blade features a neutral, no-hook-angle, 100-count carbide tipped tooth configuration and nominal .090” (2.3 mm) blade thickness to speed through vinyl plastic. Durable solid carbide tipped teeth are sharper, hold their edge longer and offer greater impact resistance to increase service life. The combination of size and speed provides a deeper, more efficient single pass cut in larger profile vinyl fence posts.

Log on to www.malcotools.com to see a video of Malco’s 9-Gauge Hog Rings and Pliers in action. Then check our dealer locator to find the Malco Distributor nearest to you.