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July 14, 2015


Patent Granted to New Post Collar --
Looking for National and International Distributors

US PATENT 9,085,915 Granted to the Post Collar. We have secured and filed with the Paris Convention to lock up patents in about 200 countries. We are filing in Canada, The UK, and Australia in the next couple months.

The Post Collar hit the market in California last year, with thousands sold already. We are now looking to expand both Nationally and Internationally. Find out how to get in on this brand new revolutionizing patented new product.

What Is The Post Collar

The Post Collar is an easy and very inexpensive way to delay possibly decades, wood post rot from the place it starts - ground or grade level.

The Post Collar was designed with three distinct functions combined into one. The Inner layer is a two part, peel off, cross laminated asphalt mastic adhesive which creates a protective membrane protecting the post. The next layer (galvanized metal) seals the inner mastic to form a waterproof and machine proof, (such as weed eater and mowers) protective coating around the post. The third layer a brown protective coating, protects the galvanized metal from oxidation.

Ridiculously Easy To Install

The Post Collar installs in about three minutes.The peel off adhesive securely holds The Collar in place,then simply screw or nail the two slightly offset cinching holes together. It pulls The Collar together like a clamp. Your done. Its just that easy.

The Post Collar can be installed on fence posts, deck posts, mailboxes,barn posts, arbor posts and anywhere a post is sunk in the ground. The Post Collar is available in 4x4", 4x6" and 6x6" sizes. Also available in 50' rolls that can be used for round posts, peeler cores and used for deck flashing. Protects the post from weed eaters and other garden machinery.

Looking for Distrubutors

This is a brand new product, that has the potential to change the industry. We are currently looking for distributors, to get this product out there. Call today to discuss 916 652-0300 .