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Sponsoring Fenceweek is a great way to keep your name in front of people each week!

Logo Sponsorship

Sponsor logo/links are sold on an annual, or semi-annual basis. They are placed on the right side of Fenceweek, The order of the logos is rotated weekly to give all sponsors equally desireable position. Sponsorship offers continuing presence as your customers search the newsletter for jobs or trends in the Fencing and Access Control industries.

Rates for logo sponsorship
Sponsorship Logo/Links $50 per month for full year (52 insertions), payable with order*.
$65 per month for half-year (26 insertions), payable with order. *See below for combined sponsor/banner discounts.

Banner Advertising

Country Estate - Unlimited Possiblities

Banner ads are sold in “5 issue cycles”… one insertion in each of five different issues within a 13 week quarter. Which specific five issues are tailorable to your company’s needs, and banner ad content may be changed as often as the advertiser wants (though no split runs.) Both animated and static banner ads are permitted (but no flash.) Banner ads reinforce other advertising, promote events (trade shows, sales, product introductions) and provide presence among contractor customers in the best possible environment when customers are looking for work! Assistance in creating banner ads is available.

Rates for Banner Advertising
Banner Ads/Links $75 per insertion, 5 insertions in 13 week period minimum.
$50 per insertion, 5 insertions in 13 week period minimum, when combined with annual Logo/Links order.
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